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Pubg Mobile Lite

Pubg Mobile Lite is the latest modified version. It was specially designed for low cost or budgeted mobile phones. It has every option same as of PUBG Mobile. But the developer compressed some another heavy weighted feature. or decreased the size from it like low graphics, the number of players, map size, However, every modified feature briefly defined below.

Low Graphics in Pubg Mobile Lite

The Graphics of the Pubg mobile lite game are lower than the pro version. But the resolution of that lite variant is the same as full. However, it depends on your phone performance and graphic resolution. If your cell performance is better to play. You can enjoy this lite version like the pro version. Another reason is that your internet speed. If your internet speed is slow, you can not play it with smooth graphics.

Number of players in pubg mobile lite

Because this is the lite variant. Due to the number of players is less than another variant. Pubg Mobile has 100 numbers of players in which bots and real players are included. But lite Variant has 60 number of players with both players and bots are included.  

Smaller Map

The playground of this game is the same as Superior. While the map of the Lite variant smaller than another variant.

Game Time

The estimated game time of Pubg mobile is 30 minutes. Which is enough for single gameplay. But the LTE variant has only 10 minutes of playing time because the number of players in this game is 60 and the map size is too small.

Game Size of pubg mobile lite

There is a major difference in Game size between Pubg mobile, and another is that the game size of this variant is 559 MB while Pubg mobile consumes 2 GB of space. Because it is a superior variant. However, The lite can also serve the same satisfaction as real.

0.19.0 version update

  • Season 15 started
  • Enhanced the appearance of erangel map
  • Bridge lift added
  • New weapon skin
  • Outfits
  • Vehicles skin changed
  • Three winner pass

Download Link of Pubg Lite

Click the Download Button Given below it will be open in a new tab. And wait for five-second after it clicks the skip at the top, and the downloading file will be open.

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